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Video Documentary

Check out Weston Karnes' film about me and my work.

Full size video link: The Painter

See more of Weston's video work here.

Architectural Work

I'm also an architect. I'm licensed in 6 states and Canada. I do get a lot of enjoyment from my architectural design work, but prefer the liberation of painting, where I am my own client, creator, and audience. Hopefully, other people enjoy it too....


My Art Collection

I collect art as well as make it.

I collect primarily modernist and abstract expressionist work, both historical, and contemporary. I currently have about 230 works in my collection and add to it as budget allows. I'm fortunate to have found some extrodinary works over the years. [view here]

Studio & Show Pics

Here are some assorted pictures of various [exhibitions] over the years.

I always prefer to work out of a home studio. The ability to get up and paint with a moment's notice is critical. Over the years, my studio has ranged from a dining room, to a closet sized spare bedroom, too my current room space. See some pictures of [James' studio] over the years.


I've been writing poetry as long as I've been producing art.

I'm probably a better artist than poet, but sometimes words are the best medium for me to express a thought of feeling. I've had one or two poems published in obscure books/magazines over the years but really don't put much effort into publication. One of these days I'll get around to self publishing a book of all my writing. [Poems]

Past Exhibition Material

Various announcements and postcards from shows over the years.

I tried to keep a record of all of my shows over the years. Here are some of the various show announcements. I have extras of a few that anyone is welcome to. [Exhibition Announcements]

Contacting the Artist

I'm usually easy to get ahold of by email, and am happy to try and answer any questions or simply to talk art. If you have questions about a specific work or exhibition please feel free to call me. I'm also pretty liberal with my copywrite if it's for a good cause or personal, documentary, or informational use.


Country: USA
State: Washington
City: Seattle
Telephone: (206) 306-3656