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About The Artist

James is an artist and architect from Seattle, Washington. James exhibits primarily in the Pacific Northwest although his work can be found in a number of private collections throughout the country and in Europe. View James' resume, or click on the link below for a more in depth view of the artist.

Exhibitions & Representation

  • My work is represented by Gallery IMA in Seattle.
  • I also exhibit periodically with the SAM Gallery(Seattle Art Museum Rental Sales Gallery).

My Philosophy

My work reflects an objective view of the world around us. While everyone views the world subjectively, that doesn't make the world itself subjective to our whims or beliefs. Therefore, I strive to separate my own emotions, prejudices, knowledge, and beliefs from the work, to allow myself to mirror the world around me with a raw and cutting honesty. While the choice of how and what I paint is often influenced by my own emotions, and view of the world, it's important to me to shut that off while working within the painting, and allow the painting to progress without my preconceptions.

In Print

2007 - Exhibition Catalog, Gallery IMA.
Approx. 20 copies remain

2004 - Exhibition Catalog, Delight Hamilton Gallery.
Out of Print, 1 copy is available at AnArtist Books

2009 - The Ontology of the Image, Seattle Group. Out of Print